We put our experience to work for you and your family, assisting you in planning college education for your loves ones.

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Legacies need vision. We'll assist you in crafting one along with the steps to get there.​

We analyze everything from assets, to investments, to potential tax issues affecting your legacy.

Your legacy could be exposed to risk. We make sure you're protected.

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            Your IRA, 401k, 403b, Roth IRA, 457 retirement plans can have drastic income tax consequences for your heirs?

            Your children and grandchildren can be disinherited from using the option of choosing lifetime benefits (stretch IRA) without proper beneficiary designations?

            Improperly set up beneficiary designations will cause your heirs to pay much more in income taxes than necessary?

            Your stockbroker, mutual fund or retirement plan administrator WILL NOT or CANNOT provide the lifetime administrative to satisfy IRS regulations?

            Leaving heirs your retirement benefits through a will or trust WILL NOT satisfy IRS regulations that allow for  lifetime withdrawals?

            The manner in which you take your withdrawals will affect how much of your Social Security benefits will be taxed?
            For more information simply write to email@legacyplanning.expert or visit our "CONTACT US" page.   Provide your name, address, telephone number, age, spouse’s age, and ages of your children and grandchildren so I may prepare an appropriate legacy plan file for you.
            I will contact you to set a time to discuss the above items and for you to decide if you wish to pursue further your personal analysis.


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